Devin publishes breakthrough paper on disease dynamics in PLoS Biology
Sean Godwin receives a Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellowship
Stefan reveals failure of marine mammal conservation management in PNAS
Welcome to new graduate students Ariel Greiner and Kiran Wadhawan
Devin receives an Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Mack defends his MSc on minihump salmon, a quirky population of Kokanee.
Kiran gets a USRA for summer 2017 to work on Daphnia epidemiology.
MK gets a Canada Research Chair in Population Ecology.
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship for Steph to work with Susan Kutz at Calgary.
Luke wins an NSERC CGS. Congrats Luke!
Melissa defends MSc on aquaculture-fishery bioeconomic dynamics.
Two Banting Fellowships! For Andrew Bateman and Emily Darling
Jessy wins a Rhodes scholarship to work on penguins and climate change
Tula Foundation project on juvenile salmon survival begins
Lindsey Ogston defends MSc on salmon viruses – congrats Lindsey!
MK gives the Stevenson Lecture at the CCFFR
MEOPAR grant on spatial marine disease dynamics successful
MK joins the editorial boards of Proc R Soc B and CJFAS
Sean Godwin wins the Peter A. Larkin Award for Excellence in Fisheries
Sean Godwin wins a W. Garfield Weston Scholarship
MK receives a Connaught New Researcher Award and Sloan Fellowship in Ocean Science
Luke Rogers receives a Hakai Fellowship and NSERC PGSM Scholarship
Andrew Bateman receives both NSERC and Killam postdoc awards
MK part of successful NSERC Strategic Grant on herring conservation