Martin Krkosek | I am an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Marine Epidemiology. I work primarily on population dynamics in the areas of conservation, disease, and fisheries. My group does fieldwork, laboratory experiments, mathematical modeling, and statistical modeling. I run a long-term field program on salmon in British Columbia on the ecology of salmon and their infectious diseases in partnership with the Salmon Coast Field Station. We collaborate with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and several NGOs including the David Suzuki Foundation, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Sea Shepherd Society. I am an editor for the journals Proc R Soc B and CJFAS. I teach courses in population ecology and theoretical ecology at senior undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dylan Shea | I am a PhD student working with MK and Steve Short at the University of Toronto. I completed my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University, where I did an undergraduate project looking at gene expression in the vector mosquito Aedes aegyptii. I am currently interested in the impact of fish farming on native disease dynamics in British Columbia. Specifically, I am interested in the potential for spillover of pathogenic microorganisms from salmon farms into the marine environment. This requires the field collection and filtration of water samples at the Salmon Coast Field Station, followed by the microbiological analyses of filtered seawater fractions, looking for a broad range of salmon pathogens.

Ariel Greiner | I am a PhD student cosupervised by Marie-Josee Fortin, Emily Darling, and MK studying the dynamics and conservation of coral reefs. I am interested in phase shifts between alternate stable states in coral reefs, connectivity among reefs, and how to incorporate those dynamics into spatial optimization models intended for conservation planning of networks of coral reefs.

Leila Krichel | I am a PhD student working with MK at the University of Toronto. I completed my undergraduate degree at UofT, where I carried out a project parameterizing parasite mortality and host-shedding rate for a Daphnia-parasite epidemiological model. My current project focuses on how environmental variability could affect host-parasite dynamics differently than what would be expected in a temporally constant environment. This work is being done using a combination of theoretical models and experimental epidemiology in a Daphnia-parasite system.

Madeline Jarvis-Cross | I’m a PhD student working with MK at the University of Toronto. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2018, with majors in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and English. I’m interested in using mathematical models to investigate the impacts of climate change on co-infection dynamics within and among hosts, and the impacts of environmentally-driven shifts at these scales on the structure and stability of ecological communities.

Jaime Grimm | I am a PhD student working with MK and Andrew Bateman at the University of Toronto. I’m broadly interested in aquatic conservation and developing evidence-based conservation policy. I’m currently working on characterizing the dispersal and distributions of fish pathogens originating from fish farms in coastal British Columbia through field research and environmental DNA analysis. Prior to beginning my PhD, I completed an MSc on invasion ecology at McGill University and worked as a researcher for the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.

Alumni (Grad Students & Postdocs)

Devin Kirk (PhD on infectious disease and climate change). Now a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.

Kiran wadhawan (MSc on salmon and sea lice modeling). Now a PhD student in disease ecology and evolution at Edinburgh.

Sean Godwin (PhD on ecology of salmon and sea lice). Now a Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellow at Dalhousie University.

Luke Rogers (PhD on theoretical population dynamics). Now a postdoctoral fellow at Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Simon Fraser University.

Chris Blackford (MSc on marine protected area design). Now a researcher at Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Emily Darling (Banting Postdoc on coral reef conservation). Now a research scientist at Wildlife Conservation Society.

Mack Bartlett (MSc on kokanee salmon, 2017). Now manager of Cedar Coast Field Station in Clayoquot Sound.

Pepijn Luijckx (Postdoc on Daphnia epidemiology, 2017). Now a Lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin.

Andrew Bateman (Postdoc on salmon ecology, 2016). Did a Banting postdoc at UVic with Chris Darimont, and is now a research associate with the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Stephanie Peacock (PhD on salmon and sea lice, 2016). Now an NSERC postdoc at Calgary with Susan Kutz.

Melissa Orobko (MSc on fishery bioeconomics, 2016). Now a PhD student at SFU with Isabelle Cote.

Stefan Meyer (PhD on NZ sea lion population dynamics, 2015). Now a bioinformatician and modeler at AbacusBio, New Zealand.

Lindsey Ogston (MSc on marine viruses of salmon, 2014). Now an environmental stewardship coordinator for the Tsleil Waututh Nation.

Gayle Sommerville (MSc on Paua population dynamics, 2012). Now a PhD student at the University of Western Australia.